Sun Welcome to Mental Health Pool!

We’re here to support the Cardano community, help decentralize the world’s trust systems, AND donate to worthy mental health-focused 501(c)(3) organizations.

50% of profits (fees less operating costs) will be contributed to charities focused on mental health. We have deliberately designed our operating costs to be as lean as possible while still achieving world-class reliability and security. We run our node on Swiss-based servers to help diversify the geographic footprint of the network, and given stronger Swiss privacy laws.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible about our finances. We have therefore created the below Google sheet to track operating expenses, income, profits, and charitable donations.

To the extent there is a mental health-focused charity you think is worthy of our donating to, please let us know!

Google Sheet Tracker:

ID: cdaa4c2b6cde56b6eedff3a490e2560e9e68400ae0c65be0e949a908
Ticker: MIND